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Gifted and Talented

Sue Elise Flowers, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Sue-Elise Flowers
Gifted and Talented Coordinator

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KRS 157.230 requires all school districts to operate programs for resident exceptional children, primary through grade twelve (12).

704 KAR 3:285 deals specifically with programs for gifted and talented students.

In Cumberland County, students are placed in the primary talent pool, grades K-3, beginning in the spring of the kindergarten year. This process is informal and ongoing throughout a student's time in the primary grades. Primary Talent Pool students (PTP) are in the top 25% of their grade level. 

Additionally, formal identification for students in grades 4-12 begins in the fall of the 4th grade year and is also ongoing throughout a student's education. According to regulation, students can be identified in any of the following areas: General Intellect, Specific Aptitude in math, science, language arts, and/or social studies, Creativity, Psychosocial/Leadership, or Visual/Performing Arts.

The district GT Committee deals with grievances and program evaluation. Those on the committee are: Jerry Hall, Michael Metcalfe, Erika Hurt, Kelli Booher, Heidi Smith, Nathan Britt, and Sue-Elise Flowers.

School level committees deal with placements within each school. Those on the elementary, middle and high school placement committees include but are not limited to: administration, classroom teachers, special education teachers, other appropriate instructional school personnel, as well as the GT Coordinator.