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Staff Compliance Trainings

Please review each of the following sections and complete all content.  Compliance Assurance - Please complete when you have finished all your trainings.  You must turn in a paper or electronic copy for numbers 1, and 3. Please submit those to Michelle Cash.  

Substitutes should complete 1-20 (omit 12 and 14).

1.  Technology

      Read Acceptable Use Policy

      Submit signed Staff User Agreement to the STC

  • Data Security HB 5, Digital Citizenship, Chromebook Check/In (ECF/Erate), Workspace Apps vs. Additional Chromebooks Apps, Teacher Websites/Staff Directory (Check Info plus link Google Sites), Two Factor Authentication, Student Accounts/Passwords (Shared with Admin), Classroom.Relay.School (Updates), Infinite Campus
  • Networking--Printing (PaperCut), Access Points/Wireless, Phone, Lockdown, Paging in the building, Internet Usage, Sharing Passwords (15 characters), Streaming, Student Browsing, For tech support use
  • Digital Learning Coach--Digital Citizenship Games/Resources,
  • DLC-Location, Out of Service from 12:50-1:45 daily (Teaching College Algebra), help support all applications, hardware and technology implementations in the classroom as needed, STLP support, eSports coach


2.  Bloodborne Pathogen Training

3.   Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training 

      Watch the video

      Review the Website

      Take the quiz

4.   Review Discipline Code 

5.   Professional Boundary

6.   FERPA/Confidentiality Training PowerPoint

7.   Classroom Management

Positive Behavior Management   You may need to create a free account with PBS to gain access to this site or log in.





8.  Review Suicide Prevention Training 

       Jason Foundation   Register, then send the certificate to Michelle Cash.

9.   Review Emergency Management Plan Training

10.  Employee Handbook - Dress Code, Cell Phone Use, etc.

11.  Seizure Training

12.  Job descriptions - Please review your job description.

13.  Certified and Classified Evaluation Plan   

       Evaluation Assurance

14.  McKinney-Vento and English as a Second Language

15.  Active Shooter Training

Compliance Assurance - Please complete when you have finished all your trainings.  You must turn in a paper or electronic copy for numbers 1, and 3.  Please submit those to Michelle Cash.  

Suicide Prevention Training will be facilitated at each school/department.  


Substitutes ONLY

Substitute Teacher Handbook

Substitutes should complete all of the above, (omit 12 and 13) but must additionally complete the following sections before completing the compliance assurance.

17. Principals - CCES, CCMS, CCHS

18.  PowerPoint - General


20.  If you meet the 64 hour substitute requirements and are eligible for the higher rate of pay, please create an account at the following website.   Once your account is created, email and let me know your account has been created.  You will also need to bring an official transcript to Michelle Cash, Lori Spears, Laura Scott, or Codi Murphy.