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Cumberland County Transportation Department

Rian Craft
Transportation/Maintenance Director

Department Contact Information

Telephone Number
(270) 864-5607

Fax Number
(270) 864-9467


Bus Routes

First Round at CCES, Second Round at CCMS, Second Round at CCHS

Bus Route Schedule
Bus Number Driver Name General Route Description
71 Lisa Nation Branham Grove, Highway 90 East, Hwy 449, Otter Creek Road, Hegira
68 Paul Stalcup Hwy 61S, Ashlock, Cherry Tree Ridge, Hwy 3108, Hwy 2064
59 Jeremy Gore Gutherie Chapel, Joe Scott Road, Sulphur Creek Road
74 Bill Jaruzel Forest Hill, Judio Road, Salt Lick Bend Road, Black's Ferry
72 SUB Hwy 704, Bakerton, Burchette Circle, Lewis Creek, Westfork
65 Tracey Finley N 61 to county line, Jones Ridge, Garrett Creek, Little/Big Renox, Busy Bees 


First Round at CCMS, First Round at CCHS, Second Round at CCES

Bus Number Driver Name General Route Description
64 Corey Andrews Pitman Rd, Leatherwood, Redwood Drive, Marrowbone Park Rd, Ferris Fork Rd, Homney Rd, Taylor Subdivision, Dutch CreekRd
70 Effie Catron Leslie Road, Jackson Hollow, Owen Road, Beech Grove Rd
69 Keith Thompson 1880, Irish Bottom Rd, Howards Bottom, Parrish Chapel Rd
61 Raymond Castillo Stalcup St, Spencer St, Herd St, Church St, South Main St, (Nursing Home), Hills at Spring Branch Apts, Garmon/Scotts Ferry Road, Learning Tree Day Care
62 Jeff Booher Smith St, Oakland St, Woodland St, North Main St, Baker St, Keen St, Courthouse Square, Cumberland Valley Apts, Cumberland Housing Authority
67 SUB Casey Fork, Marrowbone, Hwy 90 West, Allens Creek Rd


CCES students who have parents or relatives working at CCMS or CCHS or live on North Main Street will ride Bus Number 71 on the first round from CCES.

CCMS and CCHS students who have parents or relatives working at CCES will ride Bus Number 61 on the first round to CCES. Routes subject to change at any time.


Adverse Weather School Closing Information


During the winter months, Cumberland County school administrators will most likely be faced with making the decision to close schools because of inclement weather. We strive to make our decision as early as possible, and no later than 5:30 a.m. so that we can inform parents, students, and district employees.

The final decision to alter the school schedule is made by the superintendent in consultation with other school, transportation, and law enforcement officials. Local radio (WKYR 107.9 and WOVO 105.3) and television stations (WBKO-Channel-13, WKRN Channel-2, WSMV-Channel 4, and NEWS Channel-5) are the official sources for notifying students, parents, and staff that schools are closed or delayed.

Because of the early decision, there may be a need to revise the decision later in the day because of changes in weather conditions. It is always important to continue to check television and radio stations after the initial announcement, because weather conditions could dictate a change.

Radio Station WKYR 107.9 MHz

Television Stations:

WBKO ABC Bowling Green Channel 13

WKRN ABC Nashville Channel 2

WSMV NBC Nashville Channel 4

WTVF CBS Nashville Channel 5